Boba Carrier Has a Leg Up On Ergo

Posted on: April 12, 2010

I’m a big fan of my Organic Ergo Baby Carrier.  With a back prone to going out and two active babies, it’s always at hand – both as go-to gear and safety net.  Don’t leave home without it.

I’ve worn Ergo on my front, worn it on my hip, and most recently became adept at the tricky slide-baby-onto-your-back maneuver, freeing up my arms and shoulders for an increasingly demanding toddler.

Boba Baby Carrier

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Today, though, I learned about another soft-structured carrier that has all the best of Ergo and more – the Boba Baby Carrier.  Basically, Boba is the Ergo but 100% organic, a little taller + wider, made in the U.S.A.*, and with clever foot stirrups for the child.  (Boba provides a handy comparison chart vs. Ergo on their web site.)

There’s certainly a part of me that wants to give more credit to Ergo for having pioneered this general design in the first place.  That same part wishes Ergo had added footholds first, brought some finesse to the carrier design (let’s be honest – it’s ugly – Boba’s is better), and wasn’t manufacturing in China*.

* Editor’s note 6/22/2012: I recently learned Boba is now manufacturing in China as well…darn it!

I’ve got to admire Boba for boldly stepping up with just a couple key improvements to an already successful proposition.  A look at their web site shows a company brimming with confidence, almost daring you to pick another carrier once you’ve read everything there is to know about babywearing in their “compare carriers” section.

Am I rushing out to get one, trusty dusty Ergo dangling behind?  Probably not – it’s really not a set of features I absolutely can’t live without.  (Still holding out for the Cone-of-Silence-Carrier.)  But I’m adding it to the GearGuide, and am curious to see how Ergo will respond.

Boba Baby 2G Carrier will be available starting April 23, 2010.  It retails for $118 and can be ordered online direct from Boba.  From what we can see, it’s new colors and a little different styling.

Find the original Boba Organic Baby Carriers for just $99 locally in Portland, Oregon at Bella Stella on NE Broadway.  Bella Stella also sells Ergos.


13 Responses to "Boba Carrier Has a Leg Up On Ergo"

Heck, I’d be happy for a Kangaroo that has a zipper for easy release of fallen-asleep baby. Still thinking of picking up an Ergo-type. How does the Boba compare to the BEco?

I’m not 1st-hand familiar with the Beco…they do have the most streamlined & attractive carrier (esp. with the fun prints) but my impression is it isn’t as supportive as the others…but again that’s just an impression. Bella Stella carries all 3 – go check ’em out and report back!

Oh – also, neither Beco nor Boba allows a hip carry. Boba rationalizes this by saying it’s not as ergonomic for the parent, but I found it really helpful in carrying my kids in stores. It gives greater clearance for you to shop/reach (further distancing the grabby hands), and also gives them a semi-forward-facing view which they seem to appreciate.

I’m so confused now!! ugh.. I’m not sure if I ahould get the boba or the ergo… :0/

I would so get the Boba 2G instead of the Ergo. The reasons I love my Boba2G so much more than I loved my Ergo (which I THOUGHT was perfection until I tried the Boba):
the higher back on the Boba makes a HUGE difference in comfort when you have a squirmy toddler. She also seems more content with the higher back, because it gives her more of a feeling of support. The foot straps make her comfortable in it for longer. The shoulder straps dont seem all that difference at first glance, but they fit me WAY better than the Ergo did, which makes for a lot more comfort especially when wearing for more than a few minutes. I dont look narrow shouldered, but I needed straps that fit more narrow than the Ergo. I’m 5’8 and 140 lbs, so not petite but not overweight. And overall, my Ergo was a gorgeous print, but the fit of the Boba just makes it look so much better on me. If you have an Ergo, and think it’s all you need, still try the Boba 2G. You can always resell it quickly for the price you bought it, if you don’t love it at first sight (or first wear).

[…] blogged earlier comparing the Boba Carrier to the Ergo.  Boba’s G2 carrier features all-organic fabrics, higher baby back support than Ergo, handy […]

I realize this is old, but I just found it!

The website says it’s only good for kids greater than 15lbs…. which means you have 1-4 months of not being able to use it. Is there an insert for newborns like the Ergo?

Hi Allison! It’s actually one of my most popular posts – choosing carriers can be confusing and is ultimately a very personal decision. Boba does not advertise an infant insert equivalent to the Ergo Heart2Heart, but the higher back would probably allow you to use it before you’d be able to use the Ergo without an insert. I predominantly used a sling or wrap for both my babies from birth to about 3-4 months. I found it more personal than the infant insert for my Ergo, which ultimately puts quite a bit of material between you and baby. I loved having them so close I could feel them breathing, and know they’d be comforted by my heartbeat.

FYI, I am not a Boba owner – it was not available in time for me to have it in my decision set. I have an Organic Ergo (classic). But I do appreciate the footrests and higher back in the Boba, as I wrote in this review. Ergo has streamlined their design a bit since competition joined the market. You really can’t go wrong with either of these.

I think I’ll stick w/ my ergo since it’s designed for newborns w/ the infant insert. The boba is prettier, but depending on how often you use it, the carrier is going to experience some fading, wear, and tossing around in your vehicle.

The Boba 3G now is rated for babies 7lbs and up- it does not require the purchase of a separate infant insert, either- just a quick fold and snap of the carrier body and you’re good too go. Boba is miles ahead of Ergo and Beco in my opinion!

I know this is a couple years old but I ran across this post and was so excited when you said the Boba was made in America – a big selling point for me. I checked out their site and they are now made in China just like everything else. I may still go with Boba but not as excited as I was 😦

Oh, boo! Thanks for the manufacturing update – I will make note in the post. Cheers – MG

I have read a good number of comments about most users of the boba not really ever using the foot rests. Looking at the videos I’ve seen, the back on it doesn’t really look a whole lot higher. In fact, both the beco and boba look not as durable as the ergo. I did a lot of research and sided with the ergo in the end. But I have to say that all three of these carriers are leaps and bounds above the rest of the carriers sold nationally like the bjorn. I’m not against any of these three at all, but the ergo did have some features I couldn’t get on the others. This is all IMHO.

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    • JHeff: I have read a good number of comments about most users of the boba not really ever using the foot rests. Looking at the videos I've seen, the back on
    • Mama GaGa: Oh, boo! Thanks for the manufacturing update - I will make note in the post. Cheers - MG
    • Cathy: I know this is a couple years old but I ran across this post and was so excited when you said the Boba was made in America - a big selling point for m

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