GaGaGiveaway! Pocket Charlie’s Stain Spray

Posted on: July 22, 2010

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We recently reviewed Pocket Charlie’s eco-friendly stain spray for laundry, and are pleased to offer our readers a giveaway of that product, courtesy of

Here are the rules:

Post a comment below about your family’s ickiest, loveliest, toughest, or most mysterious laundry stain!  (If at all possible, let’s keep this Rated PG or better.)

Our *two* favorite comments will each receive a 4-oz bottle of Pocket Charlie’s, courtesy of Ecomom.  Contest closes Friday July 31st, 2010, and we’ll name our winners in the body of this post.

Good luck!


8/1 Update: AND THE WINNERS ARE……..

Dear Readers!  We enjoyed all your comments equally.  So instead of picking favorites, which would have been hard, we drew names randomly with some help from  Our winning entries in the GaGaGiveaway of Pocket Charlie’s Stain Spray are:

#6 -Ashley R, and #5 – Christine!

Congratulations!  And do circle back after you’ve tried Pocket Charlie’s for yourselves – we’d love to know what you think.


GaGaGear Exclusive Discount Reminder:

First time ordering at  Enter GaGaGear’s exclusive code SBBL254 for a one-time discount of 15% – through Aug 31, 2010.


6 Responses to "GaGaGiveaway! Pocket Charlie’s Stain Spray"

I used to watch television commercials about laundry products getting stains out and wonder, “Who has these stain problems?” Now I know: it’s parents with children in Montessori programs. My favorite laundry stain so far? Wood polish on my daughter’s white shirt. *wood polish*. Praytell, what gets out wood polish? Perhaps Pocket Charlie’s?

Haha… Keep ’em coming!

Hey, if it works better than Simple Green I’m in. What is it with breast milk? I have grease spots on everything I own now. It was bad enough having food land on my belly when I was pregnant. My lowest moment was at a party last fall when I was 8.5 months pregnant and I just didn’t care how much crab dip kept falling on my big ol’ belly. There’s just no dignity.

Heather, I have not evaluated Simple Green for laundry stains. Makes me think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and how her parents spray Tilex on everything as a cure-all. (Mine do, too…)

Perhaps Pocket Charlie’s will cure my laundry hypocrisy. I currently use healthy doses of Oxyclean with my EcoVantage laundry detergent. :/

With two small children, I have lots of stain stories to choose from, but one of my favorites happened this week. My husband’s college baseball cap suddenly had a small, green handprint on the brim. Quite the mystery stain! Turns out my son had taken the hat off of my husband’s head during dinner with an avocado-covered hand and had proceeded to put the hat on his own head. Extreme cuteness combined with extreme staining!

Oh gosh, how could I possibly forgot my nightmare laundry stains from a few years back now. It was weird. Every load I washed, there were these light blue spots that would appear in different areas, and on different things each time. I’d rewash the whole load, and spots would MOVE! I swear, it drove me crazy. Eventually we figured it must have been from a pen that accidentally got in the wash a few months prior, but that still didn’t make sense because it didn’t show up at the same time as that incident!!! It took MONTHS for these spots to stop appearing on my laundry!!! Now with a toddler, I have the *joy* and privilege of figuring out his stains and finding a good stain remover! Oh Pocket Charlie’s! Are you the answer to my agony???

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