Zigo Challenges Taga: Take Me To Your Leader

Posted on: August 2, 2011

Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle System

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Last year, we reported on Taga’s very cool and Transformer-like bike-stroller, which continues to fascinate (the company is undergoing a change in management, temporarily taking it off the market – see more here).  Today, we learned about a key competitor to Taga in this convertible bike space: Zigo®, with flagship product the Zigo® Leader(TM) Carrier Bicycle System.

The Zigo Leader differs from Taga in the basic mechanical proposition.  Taga features a one-piece bike-stroller chassis, where you essentially own one piece of equipment which can be deployed in a bicycle-carrier OR stroller configuration with all the same pieces intact.  Leader is more of a snap-on system, which means you may lose spur of the moment flexibility (where to store the bike part if your route calls for spontaneous strolling?) but also gain single bike mode, which could be great for urban lifestyles.

Strolling mode with Taga looks a bit like Bumbleride meets shopping cart…  Strolling mode with Leader is more equivalent to pushing your Chariot or Burley when detached from the bike.  Overall, Taga’s aesthetic is high end/head turning, making a point of being indoor-appropriate.  Leader comes out of a more active sport tradition, and looks most at home attached to the bicycle.

Priced just shy of $1,400, the Zigo Leader would appeal to folks who want options in family bicycle transport but don’t have space for a full-sized bike + traditional carrier (e.g. Chariot or Burley).  The wow-cool factor isn’t as high as Taga, but there’s definitely a lot of practical-chic caché.

With Taga unavailable for the time being, Zigo has an opportunity to gain traction with the hip urban family biking crowd.  The company also offers a distinct stroller/jogger/bike carrier product, branded the “Mango.”  (See excellent notes on Mango from the company in the Comments section of this post.)  To compete as a true stand-alone with BOB and other active stroller/joggers like Phil N’Teds, we suggest an aesthetic tweak – less of a trailer feel – it can still say “active” but it needs to look like it belongs on the sidewalk as well as the street.

Anyway – exciting to see some U.S. competition in this space!  We’ll be watching…


4 Responses to "Zigo Challenges Taga: Take Me To Your Leader"

To clarify, the Mango is not the “chasis” of the Zigo Leader. It is a completely separate product. It can be used as a premium stroller, jogger, or bike trailer. However, unlike the Zigo Leader, It will not attach to the front of a bicycle. It can only be used in the conventional trailer position.

Interesting! So the Mango really is intended to compete with the BOBs/Chariots of the world… We’d assumed it was more of a building block, so you could decide later if you wanted the full set of options. Food for thought: One of a gear-oriented parent’s biggest beefs is buying something and needing to upgrade but realizing they have to essentially “re-buy” to get the configuration they need – – best example by far is the single stroller to double stroller proposition. This is why we recommend the Phil N’Ted’s in-line strollers (which can take a doubles attachment if needed) as well as the Baby Jogger City Select. Would be awesome if you could start with a Zigo Mango and later decide you wanted to “add on” the Leader system… Anyway, good luck with the product!

The Mango comes in two configurations. Mango Complete includes everything you need for Strolling (casters), Jogging (Jogging wheel), or Biking (Trailer kit). The Mango can also accommodate two children side-by-side, with the purchase of an extra harness. You can also purchase Mango Stroller, which includes only the caster wheels for strolling–Mango is a great premium stroller. Then you can add a Jogger Kit or a Trailer kit, depending on your interests. With Zigo quality at this price point the Mango is compelling.

(updated to post to reflect this info on Mango – thanks, Michael!)

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