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At GaGaGear, we maintain that one of the most ecological choices a parent can make, from decorating the nursery right down to dressing the child, is buying quality.  Quality products will hold up through countless cycles of intended use, can be proudly passed down to family and friends, and are a best bet in resale situations.

Among the hardest quality items to keep in best repair are children’s clothes, notably fabrics.  Buttons can be mended, zippers replaced…but a serving of oily pasta hiding in the lap of your daughter’s favorite Tea Collection pants can instantly ruin them for resale.  The worst part is, these everyday food stains don’t ever seem to register until very late in the game – usually after being laundered at least once, where they’ve had time not only to set but to be perma-pressed right into the fibers.

After years of frustrated repeat laundering and stain-treating, we set off in search of a powerful yet eco-friendly stain fighting regimen to keep our toddlers’ togs tip-top.  We turned to EcoMom CEO and Co-Founder Jody Sherman for a recommendation, and were delighted to receive a testing sample of Pocket Charlie’s stain spray – from Sutherland Products, makers of green laundry hero product Charlie’s Soap.

Pocket Charlie's

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At first, we were skeptical – the 4 oz. spray smelled a bit like car windshield washing fluid, and was simply marked “Safe for the environment / Safe for anything washable.”  Our anything hadn’t been washable – and we’d even tried to Shout it out – but we crossed our fingers and gave Pocket Charlie’s a try.

We absolutely amazed at the results.  Pasta, milk, and fruit stains…grass stains…mystery stains…even very old stains that had borne repeated washings – Pocket Charlie’s disappeared them all.

What is this magical stuff?  From the EcoMom site: Charlie’s Soap All-Purpose Cleaner is friendly to all earth, air, and marine life because it contains only the purest, most biodegradable, natural ingredients. It contains NO lye, NO phosphates, NO bleach, NO brighteners, NO dyes, NO softeners, NO petroleum, NO fillers, and NO perfume. From the Sutherland Products site: [Charlie’s is] a multi-surface cleaning agent, developed for hands-on cleaning of industrial machinery.

Hmm.  Well, toddler grime and machine grime – maybe not so different after all.  The point is, it’s a fabulous multi-purpose stain fighter, and a new must for eco-friendly laundering.  Five stars!  And only $5.99 with free shipping from

First time ordering at EcoMom?  Enter GaGaGear’s exclusive code SBBL254 for a one-time discount of 15% – through Aug 31, 2010.

Lastly – if you are interested in further greening your home, EcoMom also has a great program called EcoPass – for a $99 annual membership, EcoPass holders receive a 15% discount on every order, as well as free shipping with no $75 minimum requirement.  For the month of July, you can buy EcoPass one time – for life! See the web site for details.


Disclaimer:  GaGaGear received one 4 oz. free sample of Pocket Charlie’s from EcoMom, following our non-solicited inquiry into recommended eco-friendly stain-fighting products.  We are not affiliated with EcoMom, and were not compensated in any way for reviewing this product.  Our opinions are entirely our own.

Eco Baby Gear Portland Oregon

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In news of local interest to my Portland readers, eco-minded families have yet another great place to shop in the stretch of SE Division between 20th Avenue and 39th – ahem – César Chavez Way.

Eco Baby Gear has moved 20 blocks closer to the Willamette, joining Bar Avignon, Twill, and Sushi Mazi in the rehabbed retail space at SE 21st and Division.

The new space is just a couple doors down from New Seasons Market and this momma’s favorite: Zenana Spa and Wellness Center, it’s a great location on a major bus line, bordering well-heeled and family-oriented Ladd’s Addition and funkier Clinton neighborhood.  The Division Vision project is busily beautifying this stretch of inner SE, which is still relatively affordable for owners and renters alike.

Truth be told, there was already a great eco baby gear shop in the area: Mother Nature’s at 26th and Clinton.  Mother Nature’s (across from Piccolina Resale, a great stop for eco-as-reuse shoppers) has a similar product set, if more limited in scope, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Chan-Pie-Gnon at Eco Baby Gear

Available at Chan-Pie-Gnon

At the moment, Eco Baby Gear is doing a lot of things right – perhaps most importantly, maintaining a well-stocked online store and boasting the top Google result for “Eco Baby Gear.”

If I could wish for one thing in this burgeoning cluster of eco-shops on/near SE Division, it’s a more expansive vision.  Babies are a lovely target for green living, but they grow up quickly.  What about the rest of the family?  We, too, want to grow up BPA-free…

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