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Guavamitts Tiny Zoo

NEW! guavamitts make Mom *and* Baby look good! Photo Credit:

Infant fingernails: a seemingly impossible combination of soft and sharp.  You can “trim” them in an instant with a gentle maternal nibble, yet they can slice a tender cheek in the blink of an eye.

Socks on the hands always elicit the sad trombone, no matter how sweet the cherub.  Thanks to the brilliance and diligence of Lili and Linsey – the two Portland Oregon-area moms behind brand-new label guavakids – makeshift mitts are no longer a parent’s only preventative option.  Beautifully tailored, graphically vivid and exuberantly intentional “guavamitts” are a major infant glove upgrade with more than just protective value – they’re playful, stimulating, eco-friendly and smartly designed so you’ll actually *use* them.

Lili and Linsey took special care in sourcing materials and designing-in special details.  guavamitts boast a tailored look, snug closures, and mod patterns.  Fabric is a knitted bamboo/organic cotton blend that’s breathable, naturally antimicrobial, and sustainably harvested.  Each mitt reverses, sporting two visually stimulating patterns, and (like socks) they are wearable on either hand.

Guavamitts Neutral Pack

Neutral Pack: Cirque and Cobblestone | Photo Credit:

This is a product that holds up and even improves under closer scrutiny – we were duly impressed by the quality construction on this tiny scale, which clearly warrants the suggested retail price of $12/pair (or $20 for a two-pack).  A little extra care during laundry will keep guavamitts looking their best.  Fish them out after washing and air dry to help avoid shrinking or puckering.  A mesh baby laundry bag like this one from Munchkin is always a great option for keeping track of tiny items.

Eminently giftable, guavamitts (in 9 different patterns…18 counting the reverses) are a promising debut!  Launched in select stores just this month, interested readers can shop directly at starting September 21.


Big news today in soft structured baby carrier land: ERGObaby has launched a new line dubbed “Performance.” (We told you so!)

Ergo Performance Spring Green

Photo credit:

Lighter-weight than Ergo’s Original carrier, Performance has a more streamlined appearance without getting too techie/outdoorsy. The Performance moniker applies mostly to the new “breathable” fabric and total weight (1/3 lighter than Original), as basic features remain largely unchanged.

Performance does solve the Original’s awkward hood stash issue, making the hood fully detachable and stowable in a zippered pocket.  But we wish they’d extended baby’s neck/head support, especially if this version is expected to see more active carrying than the Original.

Performance retails for $120 direct from Ergo.  With Performance, Ergo has also introduced a clip-on cargo pack, which some parents will find helpful since these carriers’ padded straps have always made it hard to simultaneously carry a shoulder bag.  What they won’t find helpful, though, is the additional cost – $28.00 seems steep…why not include it standard with the carrier?  (Free shipping is available from Ergo for orders exceeding $149.00 – but $120 + $28 doesn’t make the cut.  So try to track it down locally if you can.)

The Original is now listed at $105-$148 depending on the fabric, and there is also a Sport version for $105 which looks like a stripped-down hybrid of its sisters.  Only The Original is currently available in organic fabrics.

(Here also is the official press release from ERGObaby via PR Newswire.)

  • JHeff: I have read a good number of comments about most users of the boba not really ever using the foot rests. Looking at the videos I've seen, the back on
  • Mama GaGa: Oh, boo! Thanks for the manufacturing update - I will make note in the post. Cheers - MG
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