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Now that I’m stirring a pot of trouble, I thought I’d open a place to share the GOOD news and random bits I find.

We’ll start with the stuff most relevant to my previous post on the Babies R Us Trade-In Event:

Toys R Us (BRU’s parent co) did make a very generous $150,000 donation to Save The Children in response to the disaster in Haiti.  In early stages of disaster relief, money probably is truly more helpful since it allows organizations to buy what they need and distribute it in a flexible manner.  However, we still wonder what is going to happen to all these traded-in pack n’plays. is getting in on the help, working with SkipHop and others to make % of sale donations to the Red Cross and Partners In Health.

Partners In Health specifically notes that blankets and tents are urgently needed in large supplies.  I wonder whether pack n’play and portacrib-type items qualify – seems like a good idea to get babies and little tots up off the ground.  (Perhaps I can find that out…)  The key of course is large supplies – which is why I thought this might be a good opportunity for Babies “R” Us and their Trade-In Sale…

Green To Grow, a fantastic company focusing on BPA-free and alternative plastics for children’s products has made a large donation of BPA-free bottles to Hands and Feet Project, an orphanage with two locations in Haiti.

Kids in Distressed Situations, or K.I.D.S. has been at work in Haiti for some time, and is accepting donations of baby gear and supplies from individuals and corporations.

From their site: K.I.D.S. is working with retailers and manufacturers to obtain donations of desperately needed new products and is asking the public for monetary support at for our long-term response to the children and families in Haiti affected by the earthquake.

I would urge any readers with connections to major retailers or baby companies to urge action, and provide such information to your contacts.

Here are some links:

Via Yahoo! Shine: Help for Haiti from Baby Gear Companies

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Dear Readers,

I was going to stay relatively impartial and let this one go – but then I realized there were probably hundreds of gear blogs out there *celebrating* the Babies “R” Us “Great Trade In,” so perhaps it was worth contributing some cautionary words in the interest of the planet.

I love a 25% off sale just like anyone else.  I especially love free-cycling sales where you can bring in a broken kitchen appliance for a discount off a new one.  But for every busted blender there is inevitably a perfectly serviceable stand mixer in “last year’s color,” or a yogurt machine that “just prefers ice cream.”

Babies “R” Us (if that’s your real name, megastore with strategically placed quotation marks…) provides a decent write-up on their intentions – – calling particular attention to items that have had recalls, or with safety improvements in newer models.  This is good!  This is smart.  But they don’t say what happens to the products once you trade them in.

Are trade-ins triaged for possible donation?  If so, where do they go?  What about sending them to Haiti*?  I couldn’t find any mention of “what’s next” for the items in their web site’s three-point FAQ, which leads me to fear the worst.

[deep breath]

But what kind of blourgalist would I be if I left these questions unanswered?  Tomorrow, I’m sending some emails…making some phone calls.  In the meantime, hang on to your used stuff…consign it if need be (take that $20-$30 cash money which is already a 25% equivalent of most baby items), and STAY TUNED.  I may not get any answers, but I’m going to give it a try.

Yours Truly,

Mama Gaga

*NOTE:  Toys R Us (BRU’s parent co) did make a very generous $150,000 donation to Save The Children in response to the disaster in Haiti.  This is of course commendable and needed.  What we’re asking in this post (and others) is what happens to the stuff, which we hope will be donated rather than destroyed (where possible).

Update 1/31:  Am attempting to contact both external relations for BRU and marketing contacts I can access through LinkedIn.  Making an honest effort to track down info on end-of-life, existing BRU Haiti connections, and opportunities to donate gear through other organizations in lieu of BRU.  Post any leads or email me at talktogaga (at) gmail (dot) com.

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