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Sleep sacks and sleeping bags are sending traditional swaddles packing, and for good reason.  While nothing says snug like a tightly-executed baby burrito, those mummy wraps can be quick to unravel once baby starts rolling about.

Thanks to some very bright folks at HALO (“The Original Sleep Sack”), parents can stop losing sleep over loose sheets, instead zipping their little ones into clever baby sleeping bags that provide the warmth and ritual of a swaddle without sacrificing too much snugness.   Other companies are getting in on the idea now, and there are even folks making them in custom fabrics on Etsy.

Sleep sacks, bags, whatever you want to call them, are fantastic gifts for baby’s first year and just beyond.  Most retail between $20-$50 depending on fabric and brand.  Handmade items often fetch a bit more.  Search “baby sleep sack” on Amazon for a good round-up.

Here are a few favorites (click pics for links):

Organic Elephant Sack from SewnNatural on Etsy | Photo Credit: Etsy/SewnNatural

DwellStudio Sleep Sack in Sparrow Lilac | Photo Credit:

HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket in Organic Cowboy | Photo Credit:

Aden + Anais Mod Bee Sleeping Bag

Aden + Anais - Mod About Baby - Bee Sleeping Bag | Photo Credit:

Roh Crib from Spot on Square - Acrylic panel

Photo Credit:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nursery with a view?  Innovative design team Spot on Square suggests an answer with a beautiful modern crib that looks more like a bed than a baby cage.

Thanks to smart use of clear acrylic for the front panel, the Roh Crib gives you and your babe an unprecedented view for playing, bonding, or just making sure baby’s still breathing.

It also looks as though the slats might be spaced just far enough apart to rub noses, but not so much that tiny exploring arms and legs would get stuck as in other cribs.

We’re curious to see this one in person, but until we can find it locally, Oompa Toys is offering Roh Crib and all other Spot on Square products for double points this month + free shipping.  Of course, there’s a premium placed on this clarity of vision – Roh Crib retails for $1589.99.

Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper

Photo Credit:

A month ago, while scouring the web for a toddler booster seat, we came across an infant porta-seat proposition so tantalizingly brilliant, that we immediately slapped it into the cart and checked out, booster still in limbo.

The Phil N’Teds Wriggle Wrapper: “The perfect solution for sitting, feeding & sleeping on the go!”

Too late for our also-wriggly toddler, but just in time for a series of family dinners with our active and well-tempered seven month old, the Wriggle Wrapper (WW) seemed like a cinch to keep stashed in the Forester, along with our Ergo Organic Baby Carrier and Skip Hop Pronto portable changing mat.

Or so we thought.

You see, although the vaunted WW arrived just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner at Auntie M’s, and was even stashed thoughtfully in the trunk as planned, our baby just rolled around on the floor or got passed around the table, and it never got used.

Oh, that’s understandable – you just got it, are not in the habit of using it, etc.

December comes next.  We’re having a birthday party for our toddler, and a new mom’s arms are getting tired.  I’ve got just the thing.  So clever — you will see!  We trot out the WW for its quite public début.  What a bright idea, says the mom.  Maybe we need one of these!  Mid-wrap, I’m distracted, mom’s urgency lessens, and the WW is abandoned in a heap on the chair.

After the party, I carefully collect the WW, blame myself for having stepped away, and stuff WW into it’s carry-bag, increasingly wrinkled, but again unused.

Hmm. That’s odd – I was expecting a review here…and I’m not sure I’m getting one.  Does the Emperor have no clothes?  Is WW simply a brilliant piece of marketing, no more complex or useful than of a pair of old shorts fitted with an extra-long belt?

Perhaps…  (And don’t forget that it retails for $49.99 at Amazon, which could cover not just shorts and a belt but also a hoodie to zip around baby, tying the sleeves behind for extra security.)

But every so often, we make a purchase that helps us dream a little bigger, even if we never use it for its intended purpose.  And that, my friends, is the Wriggle Wrapper.  It’s that little angel on your shoulder saying “come with me, and we’ll nosh that delicious Reuben, enjoy that Mommy Matinée, and even get your hair cut.”

So, yes – I am resisting a “real” product review.  You could say I have nothing to base it on.  But I’ll continue to dream!  I’m taking WW on the airplane with me, next.  And I even bought it a seat.

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