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Here’s a great one for the “wish they had that years ago” list: Guava Family’s ingenious inflatable GoCrib.

GoCrib is basically the “fast and light” version of a pack n’play – similar to Phil N’Ted’s Traveller, but with strong inflatable technology born from kiteboarding! (You’re getting excited now, aren’t you?  It really is cool.)

Guava Family GoCrib

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Here’s the deal: Kiteboarding kites have a rigid-inflatable leading edge that gives them a lightweight, yet solid frame when setup, but allows them to pack down into a small backpack when not in use. This is the key: Big and rigid when in use, small and compact when not.  GoCrib has no hinges and no mechanisms – it’s safe for tiny fingers, and simple to set up.

GoCrib has all of the features that a portable crib should: Strong and Safe. Light and Ultra-Portable. Fast and Easy. Fun and Inviting.  It’s great for camping, air travel, beach days, grandma’s house, the backyard, the front porch…  Packed away, it weighs just 10 lbs, including the pump, and you get your hands back!  How great is that?

You can get GoCrib directly from Guava Family online, for $249.99 with free shipping.

We are jonesing to carry it in our OpenSky store – perhaps if we launch a successful Comments campaign?  Petition Guava Family below on our behalf!

Roh Crib from Spot on Square - Acrylic panel

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nursery with a view?  Innovative design team Spot on Square suggests an answer with a beautiful modern crib that looks more like a bed than a baby cage.

Thanks to smart use of clear acrylic for the front panel, the Roh Crib gives you and your babe an unprecedented view for playing, bonding, or just making sure baby’s still breathing.

It also looks as though the slats might be spaced just far enough apart to rub noses, but not so much that tiny exploring arms and legs would get stuck as in other cribs.

We’re curious to see this one in person, but until we can find it locally, Oompa Toys is offering Roh Crib and all other Spot on Square products for double points this month + free shipping.  Of course, there’s a premium placed on this clarity of vision – Roh Crib retails for $1589.99.

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